A downloadable game for Windows

You are on the way to your job and reach the train just in time. During the ride, The rail's break and the train falls down into a sink hole.

Waking up, you fine yourself deep underground.  Can you make it back to the surface?


Press E and Use your mouse to decide the direction you which to launch the grappling hook.

HTML: https://mosflash12.github.io/[Beta%20V2]To%20The%20Surface!/index.html

Install instructions

Download and later unzip the game.

After open the folder and click on the game in order to Play


[Alpha] To The Surface.rar 14 MB
GDD TO The Surface V.2.pdf 260 kB
[Beta V1]ToTheSurface!.rar 12 MB
[Beta V2] To The Surface!.rar 15 MB

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